Noble Gold A Gold IRA Company

If you spend more than 1 hour a day looking at and being concerned with your retirement portfolio then consider diversifying your retirement dollars to hedge inflation.

It’s hard to understand what will happen in the next few years with our retirement account. I see one day the market loses 1,200 points and the next day it gains 500 points. What’s going on in the market is the uncertainty of where the United States Economy is going and whether we will be in a recession in the next year.

Nobody can foresee the future. An analyst can only predict, which is a fancy way to say “guess”, what the markets or a particular company will do shortly.

I’m concerned about my IRA and where that will be in 10 years when I retire.

I’m in conservation mode. Meaning – I don’t want to lose what I’ve gained over the past 10 years. To do so I have modified my investment strategy and taken some money out of the market and decided my hedge would be physical metals like gold and silver coins and bars. I have chosen Gold Coins as my investment choice. I have Canadian Minted Coins and US Minted Coins. These coins are valued based on the spot+. The plus part is typically the profit to the seller. In my case, I looked to Noble Gold to give me the education and the resources to make informed decisions.

Diversifying my portfolio with a gold IRA was a good decision for me. Having the right information was most important and companies with good reputations and resources help.

What is a Gold IRA?

A gold or silver IRA is a self-directed IRA in which I can purchase my investment within. As an IRA I get all the same tax advantages as a traditional IRA. Gold IRA companies make the setup simple and the rollover from my prior employer’s 401(k) was simple.

The process involved:

  1. setting up the IRA
  2. funding the IRA
  3. buying the metals
  4. having the metals shipped to my depository
  5. watching the statements

The process to open and fund the IRA was simple and Noble Gold also shipped the gold to my Brinks depository and insured the transport.

Choosing the Right Gold and Silver To Purchase

Not having any initial understanding of the gold and silver markets, I looked to education first to make my decisions. I determined right from the beginning that I was not going to invest in rare coins and numismatics. Since I wanted to open a gold IRA, these types of coins would not be acceptable for the IRA, plus I wasn’t ready to be a speculator and rare coin buyer.

So the choices were easy for me. Minted Coins from US Mint, Canadian Mint, and a few others were acceptable for the IRS. The next decision was Proof Coins or Bullion Coins. The Proof coins are minted differently and hold a more refined look. The process makes these coins more expensive to purchase, but I wasn’t too sure how much more valuable. Therefore I chose bullion coins. There are more of these minted every year and they are easier to come across. Therefore, retailers or gold dealers typically have more available for sale.

The bullion prices are based on the Spot price of gold. Giving me an easy understanding of how to value my coins and what they would be worth if I decided to sell.

Having coins that are highly sought after and easily bought and sold made my decision for me.

There are several choices available for one to purchase within their Gold IRA and the team at Noble Gold helped me out every step of the way.


Making a decision is the first step. My choice was easy when I couldn’t lose my retirement account in the market. I know there is a possibility I could make higher returns in the market, but I also need to sleep at night. Knowing I have a large percentage of my retirement funds secured as physical gold makes me comfortable.

I’m running with the expectation that gold will appreciate over the next 25+ years. Thinking that way I plan to use the money in my stocks and mutual funds first when I retire and hold the gold and silver for later.

We all have to be ready for our retirement, my choice may not be the right one for you. But consider precious metals as an option and talk to the best dealer that works primarily in gold or silver IRAs. These companies have your long-term goals in mind.…

Truth in Precious Metals History and Future

Investing in bullion has been an ongoing action by millions for thousands of years. The truth is gold bullion was used as a source of payment for centuries. It wasn’t until Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933, took the American people’s gold and silver bars and coins back and made it illegal to possess these precious metals did gold stopped being a source of currency in the United States.

But why did FDR take back the precious metals? In 1933, after taking office President Roosevelt took action to get the United States economy out of a recession. He planned to put people to work rebuilding and expanding the U.S. The problem was that there were not enough reserves of gold and silver in the U.S. Vaults to print more money.

excerpt from 1933 executive order to turn in gold coins, bullion, and gold certificates

The US requirement is that the government cannot make more money than 40% of what is backed by the gold owned by the U.S. Government in the reserves. Having less than what they needed, Roosevelt took action and made possession of gold and silver against the law and paid out $20.67 per troy ounce to those who turned in their gold. Those choosing to hold on to the gold, except dentists who could have some gold for their business, were subject to 10 years of imprisonment if caught with gold in their possession.

This farce of collecting and holding gold only by the U.S. Government stayed true till 1977 when President Gerald Ford signed proclamation Pub.L. 93-373 which legalized the ownership of gold.

When the U.S. Government made it against the law to own gold, the U.S. dollar was backed by the gold in the reserves. Since 1971 the dollar was taken off the “gold standard” and it moves freely against other currencies.

Since 1977 the deficit has mounted and the U.S. prints money as needed. Since there is no value backing the dollar, it appears that precious metals should be an investor’s way to offset the decreasing value of the dollar and its impacts on a retirement account.

As of 1977, when it was legal to hold gold again, individuals, banks, and our own US government have been buying up gold. The increase in gold mining has skyrocketed since that time, and the spot price of gold is now over $1,700 a troy ounce. Investors cannot help but pick up gold as a hedge against inflation. Having gold or silver in your retirement accounts can help stabilize a portfolio when economic times are strained or when the stock market crashes.

Should you be concerned with the government’s seizure of your gold? I would never say never, but it would be difficult for the government to require all the gold and silver to be turned in. And think of this, if the government printed approximately $20 for each troy ounce in 1933, how devalued will the dollar be if they do the same at $1700 per troy ounce?

Keep buying and investing in gold and silver.…